Saturday, January 29, 2005

Fri & Sat Nites...

wow.. i think i'm overdoing it in the clubbing dept.. hahaha..
Thu nite.. went from Devil's Bar, to Blue Room Bistro, to Rouge..
it was Live music, Live music, Dance Music..
Just had to burn off all those beers.. and I hate beer.. i drink it like water.. yech!

Fri nite.. hmmm.. met the girls.. my fren's cousin was turning 22.. wanted to go out with d adults..
Brought her to New Asia Bar.. and she was dying for R&B but they're very mainstream and actually as the night wears on.. the music.. gets from R&B to Retro to House/Techno.. at that point of time.. we decided to leave for supper..

Tonite.. just going to get some 'lucky plants' from Chinatown... hopefully my luck will change? I guess i've been doing alright so far.. but a little luck wouldn't hurt right? hehehe

All in all I'm just zoinked out this whole week and am looking forward to some good sleep on Sunday.. i hope!


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