Thursday, January 27, 2005

A Girly Wednesday

ahhh.. went over to my girl fren's place to watch Princess Diaries 2... heheh her husband not in so we could do the girly things.. hehehe.. man.. was Prince Charming such a 'swoon' charmer! i know.. corny.. hahaha but well.. he did sweep her off her feet!

i so dread the next 3 days.. i'm gonna be running around like a crazed person at work.. sigh.. and i'm working sat so there goes the weekend.. sunday will fly by like nothing.. oh well.. at least Monday's pay day and hopefully bonus time?! i wish i wish i wish...

Maybe Fri i'll let loose and go party with my girls.. was just telling a friend earlier.. how i never made time for myself.. but recently i started.. and once u start.. u can't stop... hmmmm..

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