Wednesday, January 26, 2005

I feel pretty oh so preettty....

oh my goodness.. me n me cuz Bev went for this free makeover thingy down at Circular Rd... man oh man.. it was fun.. we deduced after everything but... the whole process.. from the make up (thick thick) to the hair (so much hair spray) to the posing this way n that way and turn n smile n flirt n oh god!!!! After 2hrs.. we were shown our shots.. and out of 170++ shots.. we get to take home 2 free... or buy the package.. guess what.. we took the 2 free photos.. on our very own CD Rom.. yippee!!!!

Well... dunno how to post pics here yet.. so guess it'll be on my xanga blog site... or on my friendster.. hehehehe.. so glamorous one.... now i understand that the models really dun have it easy... the photographer kept telling me to be sexy and flirt with the camera... i was laughing my head off... telling him i'm not drunk enough to let my inhibitions go and be sexy or flirt with the camera... what u see is what u get!!! Hah!

Oh well... it was a fun adventure.. only vain pots like me n bev would do... :)

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