Tuesday, January 25, 2005

A New Addition...

well.. got home today and my flat mate told me he's getting a pet.. a 2 yr old lab... saw his pic.. what a cutie... his name is Boweing.. think that's how it's spelled... anyways... he'll join us here on Sunday... hope my allergies hold up and I can chill out with the pup...

Oh... and since i've gotten round to this blog thing.. i actually created another one.. why I dunno... always knew I had 2 sides to me... hahahah ya rite.... I'm a Capri girl... always down to earth and fun! hehehe

The other blog is at www.xanga.com/dj_curlz one may wonder why dj_curlz? hehehe well.. those that have known me for long will know..... *wink wink*

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