Friday, February 25, 2005


went to watch this today with Elliot.. me movie kaki... last minute plan.. i was supposed to go for my interview but that got postponed.. then i was supposed to stay back at work but elliot called.. wanted to meet up.. needed to chill.. haha.. so we went to watch Closer..
Good movie.. very real.. made me sit back and think about my past relationships n stuff.. and how luckily i've not been and hope not to be in their situation.. but both Elliot n I agreed that Clive Owen's character was the best out of all 4.. he had the right thinking..
anyways.. i realise that being single n swinging is good and i'm happy nothing to tie me down and I set my own rules :)
chatting with another fren earlier... about her problems.. though she's married she has a close guy fren whom she thinks she offended coz she agreed to go have drinks with another guy fren (fren of his too) next weekend.. so he blew up.. i mean hellO?! not like he's her husband.. he's just a close fren..
with this happening to my fren and other things going on elsewhere.. i am quite happy n contented to be a swinging single! I'm loving it.. dadadadada!
Next week's gonna be good.. Pay day on the 2nd! hehehe.. got plans for Sat already.. and during the week.. planning to meet up with my old Far East kaki.. those were d days.. haha.. and also plan to watch 3 movies.. Constantine..Ray...Hide n Seek in that order.. can't wait! yipeee..
k.. it's 1am.. and i have to start early tomorrow.. sigh....
stay tuned... for more juicy updates! yeah yeah!

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