Monday, March 28, 2005

Been 10 days...

wow.. last i wrote here was on 18 March.. today's the 28th... 10 days gone by.. so much has happened... hmmmm
Tues - Rathana arrived.. and just had dinner with mum..
Wed - Rathana stayed home all day while i was at work.. went to meet SPYs for dinner & coffee Thu - Lunch with Sam & Rathana, bought his return bus ticket to KL, worked till evening & church visiting... Rathana gave up halfway.. did 6 churches.. St Jo's, St Peter & Paul, Good Shepherd, Holy Trinity & St Anne's. Elliot followed us so we ended up at Compasspoint Starbucks for a drink (AGAIN!) before heading home...
Fri - Woke up late.. went to Heeren to drop Rathana off to see Tricia (another SPY) then took Boeing home from Oxley to Bedok... went back to meet Rathana for Orchard Rd shopping.. had lunch and Leon, Francis & Aik Teng (more SPYs) came to meet us for tea.. which lead to dinner, and we watched THE EYE 10.. hmm.. some scary parts.. & some stupidly funny parts.. haha... Went back afterwards to meet Kat (another SPY) for supper then headed home to sleep...
Sat - Woke up late again.. made sausages & eggs for breakfast.. then headed to Compasspoint for some shopping.. Leon promised Rathana to play basketball and I ended up waiting for them at Starbucks (I perpetually live there huh?) stayed there from 2.30pm to 7.00pm.. Samantha was supposed to join me at 4pm but didn't get there till 6plus!!! After Leon & Rathana joined us.. they told me we were meeting the rest for dinner.. so we dropped Sam home.. and headed to Park Mall to pick Francis & his girl.. :)
This is the route we took after that:
Park Mall - Geylong Lor 9 for Beef Hor Fun - Hard Rock (to buy t-shirt for Rathana) - Raffles Marina in TUAS!!! - West Coast Park - Haw Par Villa (driveby only) - Kent Ridge Park - Changi Village (to see Aqua's but there were none!) - back of Changi Airport to see the planes - Changi Boardwalk - finally to HOME!!!!
Sun - Woke up at noon.. and headed to my grandma's for lunch... she looked ok.. but she was very quiet.. i think the cancer is really eating her inside out and she's putting on the brave front for all of us... i tried to keep it cool... waited for Rathana to come before we sat down for lunch.. He had gone Rock Climbing with Leon.
Lunch was Pie & Feng.. with coleslaw too! Yummy... ate our fill and then headed to my Aunty's place for 2nd round... got there.. and chilled for awhile.. before trying to eat some lamb & chicken stew.. she gave us sugee cake.. and the fruit cake from my cuz's wedding a year ago.. (tradition to keep part of the wedding cake for the 1st year at least.. it was yummy.. the brandy really soaked in good)... after that.. Leon & his fren came to pick us but we called them in for tea.. more sugee cake.. which they enjoyed.. sat n chat for a bit.. about education, school system etc.. before heading off to the Golden Mile.. we were early and stopped at Army Market to walk around and have sugar cane bfore walking over...
He nearly missed the bus coz we didn't know which bus it was.. haha... nicely sitting and chit chatting... luckily we asked the counter just as the bus was about to pull away.. said our goodbyes.. they all teasing me not to cry.. haha.. please.. 3 years ago.. i cried big time.. now.. nah!
We're just good friends... no more love boat shit... nippon maru... hmmm
Went home and relaxed... then cleaned up the house bfore my mum got back.. she called.. asked me to meet for dinner.. walked over to the market.. i do miss the bedok blk 85 market.. good food, and lately good looking people hanging out there.. so maybe my move back to bedok is good after all.. hahaha
Mon - Back at work.. so far ZoCard's good.. lots to do but the pressure is not as stifling as before.. it's there.. but it's manageable and the crew here really will help... better working environment & atmosphere.. thank god! Meeting me cuz later for drinks... at holland V.. looking forward..
so.. that's the update for now.. must make mental note to check back in every 2 days.. or else long long blog... hah!

SPY - Singapore Participating Youth from the Ship for Southeast Asean Programme which I was a participant in 2002!

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