Sunday, August 13, 2006

Wonder how true....

i think i've said before.. i get my daily 'romantic' and normal horoscope sent to me by email rite?? well... it's kinda freaky what's been said for my sat & sun horoscope on both... kinda puts a question mark in my head.... coz... it's so damn true!!!! freaky!

This is the horoscope for Sat 12
Although you can be conservative in love, you are able to turn up the heat once you know the score. Now, with pleasure-seeking Venus moving through lively Leo, the attractions may be more intense than you prefer. Even if you try to cool things off, you still may be subject to your desires. Perhaps it's time for you to sink into your emotions instead of attempting to stay in the practical realms where you feel most comfortable.

Romantic reading for Sat 12
Are your romantic feelings genuinely heated, or could it be that a few misunderstandings have heightened the drama -- and your sense of passion? It's time to take a step back and let cooler heads prevail.

Reading for Sun 13
It may not matter today how much you've prepared for what is happening. You might be better off if you throw your strategy out the window and just start all over. This isn't as bad as it seems, for the lesson of the day is about releasing stored tensions and reestablishing the lost integrity. Toss your battle plan, but don't negotiate away your fundamental values.

Romanic reading for Sun 13
Mr. or Ms. Right might turn out to be Mr. or Ms. Right Now instead. Appreciate them for what they are, and then let them go freely and with a gracious heart. You have so much more ahead of you. Don't hold onto unnecessary baggage.

And romantic reading for Mon 14
Love involves taking risks, but right now, you're better off playing it safe, or you could be sorry. Move slowly. You're better off making those big decisions later, especially when it comes to romance.

Deep man... seriously deep..... that's why i'm wondering if it's true coz i am kinda going thru the motions now..... like seriously am....

And so i wonder.....

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