Sunday, January 23, 2005

A couple beers.. & a soccer match

After spending 2 days at home like a good girl.. i decided enough was enough.. time to get outta the house and out and about.. so persuaded my flat mate and the girl he's currently dating.. to go out for dinner... so we headed to clarke quay... and ended up at Bungee Bar for dinner.. damn... food was filling.. try the Texas Burger.. it'll fill u up!

After walking around for a bit... we sent the girl back and headed to Mohd Sultan to watch the Man U match against Aston Villa.... sat down at Siam Supper Club.. felt like old times when we used to hang out and watch soccer with a couple beers....

MAN U WON!!!! 3-1... yeah yeah!!!! Way to go... it was well worth it going out to watch instead of staying at home...

oh well... it was a good nite hanging out with my best friend... watching the game... go Man U go Man U go!!!

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