Saturday, January 22, 2005

Sometimes.. I wonder...

today was supposed to be good... it started off fine... had the whole apartment to myself.. my flat mate was out training a client... so got to watch tv, surf the net, and just relax... quiet moments to myself.. till he came back around lunch time.... anyways... since I was watching tv... he couldn't get to his x-box.. hehehehehe

I had plans with my girls to go to this place.. coccolatte.. but that got shelved... one didn't feel well.. and the other had last minute work to handle... so i ended up watching pretty woman on tv... re-runs... hmmmm

but it got me wondering... where did my youth go.. seriously... I used to be so in the scene... worked at a club, and partied almost every nite... then it all stopped.. i guess my priorities changed... and i grew up? woah!!! I think i'm still growing up... people often don't believe my age.. guess i've maintained that youthful look.. hahahaha ya rite..

a lot has changed here as well in terms of places to go.. lots of new clubs/pubs here n there.. coming and going.. it's really hard to find a place to be frequent with... i used to be so regular at Jump I got membership.. at one time.. I knew all the bouncers down at M.S. and some of the DJs around the clubs in town... and now?! They are around but i've been so out of it... have i really moved on from that phase in life?

I still enjoy my dancing and music.. love it.. but it's not something i think i can do like every week... but when i do let my hair down.. man do i love it... but i seem to be the only one in the group... my girls.. they've really grown up... diff things... diff lives from what we used to do together... oh well...

I guess i'll still be wondering... and wandering.. hahahaha... time for bed now..

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