Friday, January 21, 2005

last nite...

well... it started out fine... was tired actually... but made it to town to meet my cuz... waited like hours for her to get to boat quay for our plaster dinner... she finally made it.. we ate and made our way to liberte...

liberte... nice... clubby feel but small.. strange that the crowd was seated outside not inside... sitting on those cushions was so comfy nearly fell asleep... despite the r & b music.. hehehe anyways.. after two wines... those sofas looked to comfy so decided we needed to burn some of that plaster off... so we headed to Rouge..

not before checking out china jump and insomnia... damn at insomnia.. the music was retro.. we went in.. wanted to dance n hang around.. the damn hostess or whatever u call them.. came to us asking us to get drinks first.. we were like.. hey hang on.. we'll get to that let us enjoy this song first.. she was so rude.. said this is not a pub.. there's no cover charge but we have to get a drink first before we can dance... what! not like we were free loading off the music man.... so we decided to just head to Rouge

Rouge... hmmmm.. good music.. a little deep... but ok.. but the crowd.. hmmm.. a bit young.. my cuz n i felt kinda old there.. but we danced the nite away coz that's what we were out for... hahaha... still after 2 hours there.. we were shacked... it's the age.. damn.. tot we could 'zap' some of that youthful energy from all the people around us but hmmm.. guess we weren't vampirey enuf. hahahaha

so we headed back... to rejuvenate for tonight.. haha... yes... we're going out again... tune in again! hmmmm

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