Monday, February 21, 2005


AARRrrrggghhh! I just want to wring her neck! Who? My god damn bloody boss!.... she's such a stubborn headed pig....
just trying to have a simple conversation with her is tiring... she must be in a good mood or else you're doomed!
I need some air... rethink myself... why oh why...... thank god last nite was good..
went for the One Voice thingy.. like at 11pm ahahaha.. with me old pal Derrick.. he been so busy with TODAY that we realised it was 2 years plus since we actually met up... hahaha... we agreed we should meet up more often... not wait another 2 years...
It was good to see another old pal Sean and his band Rogue Traders.. man they're good... he's been with a few diff bands.. but this one's the best.. not to mention that the lead singer's quite cute and man does he have a voice!
Oh oh oh... John Molina, Will X, Zul & Mel Ferdinands did a rendition of Can't Help Falling in Love.. and that was a good acoustic set... after that... I couldn't resist a celebrity photo op with John Molina... ahahahahahahaa.. of course had to share the pic with Jo & her friend but hey... it was nice... standing next to him... swoon! hahahah.... such a cutie! oh me oh my... gonna post that on me Friendster once i get the pic from Sonya.. hehehehe
ok.. i'm really going out for some 'air' now... gotta find my kaki! hahaha l8r!

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