Sunday, February 20, 2005

it's sunday 4am...
yesterday, saturday started off fine, turned into a bad day, ended quite well with me going down to Coccolatte with Gerri, her cousin Mel & boyfren Isaac & their cousin Adrian from Melbourne.. now I've got more than 1 reason to head down to Melbourne.. hahaha
now it's sunday... and I was tired earlier but all that dancing to good ol' R&B kinda woke me up and besides that.. i have to be at the airport at 7.30am to see my sister off to Perth...she's gonna be there studying (probably having a ball too!) for 1 year plus.. next I'll see her is in June when she comes back... oh well..will miss her.. especially her nagging.. hahaha and I'm the older sister! Well.. we're like chalk n cheese.. i'm the bubbly one.. she's the cool reserved one..
tomorro... I tender my resignation with WTP.. tried my very best to deal with the boss's PMS mood swings but it's coming 4 mths.. and though i've been confirmed and all... i cannot see a long future with them... it's hard when you're trying to do your job and can't concentrate coz the boss is always breathing down ur neck suspecting that you're 'playing on the computer' instead of doing work! Man.. I'm old enough!!! Work is my responsibility... anyways.. before I get fed-up.. for my own peace of mind & sanity... i'm 'surrendering'...
Today... after the airport & church.. going to see my cousin's new baby gurl.. i'm heading to my new job.. yup yup.. went for a couple interviews but so far this is what I wanna do most.. although the job scope @ ZoCard's more exciting.. and so are the people.. I'm at a crossroads again...
Since I've spent so much time AND money on learning the jewellery business n all.. i figured I might as well work for them... so I'll be joining BeadHub.. down at Emerald Hill.. hehehe.. that's gonna be my playground now... with No. 5 (chicken wings) jus opp and Alley Bar & Rouge around d corner.. life is Gooood! Yeah... i'll be doing marketing for them as well as teaching some classes.. sounds more up my alley... hmmm.. corny yah.. they're up the alley on emerald hill... i think the lack of sleep and alcohol is kicking in... haha
if i sleep now.. i won't wake up in time.. must try... yawnn..... power nap can i think.. ok.. i'll end off this long blog... and go get some zzzz or else i'll look like crap later!

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