Sunday, February 27, 2005

so many things.. so little time...

i suddenly realised.. that i have so many things to do & accomplish before i'm thirty! haha.. well for this year at least.. i want to lose another 10kg.. take up my riding/driving lessons get one of those licenses.. go back to my dancing.. gave up my ballet eons ago.. but maybe hip hop or jazz classes will do.. save money for rainy days.. started n stopped, started n stopped. now gotta start n not stop.. go to europe for a holiday or do what bev did.. apply for the UK work/Holiday visa and stay there a year.. have to do that before i'm 30 i think.. hmmm...
actually the list is longer.. haha.. trying to cut that short for this year alone.. i think that work/holiday thing in UK is out lah.. should have done that this year.. now too late i think..
it's sunday i'm at work coz of this relocation sale... and that's Crappy! Didn't go for mass today.. n it's Lent.. have to go for a wake tonight... it's raining and i want my bed!!!
oh well.. next week should be better... can't wait for Saturday.. goin to hit da clubs with my gals! woohooooo!!! now it's back to work! damn!

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