Monday, February 28, 2005

Sunday early morning @ Wu Bar

this was a last minute thing.. :) really! didn't even know they had ladies nite on Sundays especially...
not till Pris my flat mate's girlfren told me.. hehe.. so.. after much deliberation.. asked her to come with me to check it out..
we got there just past 12 and managed to wiggle our way to get in at $5 instead of $10 per person.. it's free flow till 3am.. woo hoo.. what more could a gal ask rite?
reason i wanted to go was coz i had the longest saddest weekend at work and at home.. and just wanted to unwind...
it was empty.. like maybe 20 people.. and we just sat down and chilled.. enjoyed 2 burbon dry's and watched the 'sceene'... music was good.. old skool.. we reminisced when we were like in pri or sec schl when those songs were the hitz!
walking back.. we talked about my flatmate.. her boyfren.. or soon to be... they've had a past.. so they're sorting things out now.. i hope it works out.. for the first time in a long time.. i actually like the girl he's seeing...
trust me.. i was always the bitch when it came to the kinda girls he was seeing.. coz.. i felt they weren't right for him.. just me being the over protective sister.. but that's what best frens are for rite?
when i dun like them.. he not happy when i like them.. he also not happy.. either way i lose! oh well.. i like Pris.. and if we're gonna hang out at times.. he's gonna get used to it... too bad! haha
my only worry now is if n when i do have a boyfren.. that they can get along... it's not happened in the past.. maybe that's why i'm still single. haha... but if the right guy comes along.. well i hope shaun likes him.. and they get along..
and if he n pris work out.. i want to be GODMA!!!!

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