Monday, March 14, 2005

HAPPY Sunday!

Did the most interesting thing last nite... went to a GAY Club! hhehehe... nicely called Happy Club down at Tanjong Pagar... damn it was happening!!! Dance floor was packed by 12 plus, wall to wall with the most GORGEOUS Hunks! ever! BUT!!!!! They're all GAY!!!!! So sad... so sad... but sadly was not depressed about it.. why??

WELL.... hmmmmm... we sat at the bar.. me, Liza and our friends Izal & Zai (boyfrens) and well.. I kinda noticed that one of the bartenders.. was really cute... nice features, not overtly handsome but cute.. with a cute smile.. nice tatts and nice body structure not fat not thin... just nice.. overall cutie pie package.. and great behind the bar... so after like 2 hrs there.. i finally decided to pass him a note & no.. which I wrote down on a napkin.. haha... i've not done that in AGES!

Surprise surprise.. he was actually sincerely pleased.. hehehe.. had been making eye contact at me after initial ice was broken.. and said he would call me...I mean no win no lose.. not like I'm gonna go back there anytime soon... so.. if he doesn't call.. no biggie.. but if he does.. it'll really make my day....

yah.. my day... today's morning meeting was the worst ever.. stupid boss kept putting me down and down.. i think i almost felt the heat from the hells below...

then after lunch.. my flat mate started giving me grief about moving out, etc etc etc.. i mean our whole friendship could be on the line here... so many things were said, hurtful things.. and strangely, i was pretty cool and calm about it all telling him everything i've been holding back for the sake of our friendship... but i think, things had to be said like it or not.. it might put a scratch in our friendship but for the sake of my sanity.. it's for the better. Time will heal all wounds.. and after the initial stubborness in him subsides, he'll realise in time... i'm not saying i've been perfect in this friendship but i've done as much as a friend could and would do, and i'm not asking for anything back but I always get the shit end of the stick.

I guess I'm like that.. soft hearted is what people say i am.. i would do anything in my capabilities for a friend and I'm fiercely protective/supportive/etc etc over ALL my friends.. ALL... but he's the one person that I trust with my life and whom i've told and shared many things with.. and vice versa.

Sometimes, a break in the friendship is good, especially if it's one that is this close. I hate that but it'll be better, I need to focus on important things in my life and he's starting a new direction with his gf, soon to be wife and I'm happy for him. But as for our friendship.. as much as i need it, i have to let go of some of it..

I'll always be there for him, and his wife, he's more than just a best friend, he's family, he's my brother.. (cliche: & he ain't heavy) It's gonna be tough but it's for the best.

Thank you Shaun for all you've done and given me, I'll always love you as my friend and brother and I'll be there for you and Priscilla every step of the way when you want me to be. I'm behind all your decisions and moves in support and I'm here if you ever need that shoulder to cry on.

And life goes on....

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