Tuesday, February 21, 2006

My Lucky Number

So Tickle.com says :)

Dawn, your lucky number is number Four!

As a 4, you're no stranger to melodrama. What's that? Are those violins playing gently in the background? And like all good performers, you are in touch with a variety of your inner characters. You've got all the angst of an early '90s garage band, but fortunately it fuels your creative urges and helps you relate to others. When your friends aren't giving you a standing ovation, they're sharing their feelings because you really listen. 4s have an inner Vasco De Gama of sorts, as they fearlessly explore uncharted emotions within. As a Romantic, you enjoy emotion whether it's watching a sappy John Hughes film for the 20th time since high school or pursuing that mysterious lover who doesn't know you exist. But be careful, road kill just might take you a little longer than your friends to get over. And ending a relationship of any kind might send you straight into a depression you oblige with a healthy dose of Peter Gabriel or Enya. At your best, you can harness your emotions like few others to produce unique expressions of yourself. Your need to "feel" might lead you to commit risky acts that could hurt you—umm fellow 4s J.D. Salinger, the Artist-who-can't-stop-changing-his-name-to-Prince, would you care to chime in? But trusting your self-knowledge gives you an advantage that others lack. All in all, it's not a bad gig being a 4.

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