Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Talk is cheap...

You know sometimes,
you think you know somebody,
but actually you don't really.
I've been disillusioned before
and one would think i'd have learnt my lesson?
But well, I guess,
it's the same old story for me,
and it'll be that way for the rest of my life...
and that's an eternity.

An eternity of hopes and dreams,
that will eventually fade.
What I have to do now I know I'll do it.
To hell what everybody else thinks.
Only I know and can make sure
that I'll do what I set out to do.

Talk is cheap,
actions speak louder than words.
I'm tired of always making the moves.
About time somebody else does.
talk is cheap.. really cheap.
Action does a whole lot better

Step up to the plate if you dare,
coz if you don't well it's not my loss. talk...
it's real cheap
and I'm tired of the games.
So there I said it.

If you know better,
you'd start acting already.
Grow up.. be that man you say you are.
No more talk.
Action speaks louder than words.

I wish you could be the one
But only time will tell,
Till then, I will just wait and see
If what I felt is truly meant to be...

And we'll talk... talk talk talk...
Talk is cheap.. and only
Action speaks louder than words

Besides.. I can't & won't wait an eternity
But if there is some action from your side,
Maybe, then, we'll find happiness
Coz by your side, thru it all
I'll be there.. and baby
It ain't just talk..
Coz I'm all about the action!

One would think this could be lyrics to a song... hahah.. well.. let's see if I can find the melody to turn it into one... never figured myself as a songwriter or a poet.. but sometimes, when i put pen to paper or in the virutal world, thoughts to blog... sometimes, I do surprise myself with the shit that comes out! I don't mean this literally... but what I just typed earlier and added on.. I think it's damn good if I say so myself!

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