Thursday, March 03, 2005

Ladies Nite!

wow... just coz i had my pay.. had to party! haha
went down to Wu Bar to meet my flat mate's girlfren.. we're getting on fine.. :) and found out she knows an old fren of mine... Natasha... haven't seen her in ages.. found out she's still with Universal Music.. for the past 9 years!... but she's getting married soon and will be leaving the country.. and she broke up with Titus like ages ago.. hmmm oh well... she seems very happy now...
small world really... i new tasha ages.. and never met priscilla... but it was good chilling there.. again music was alright.. but the DJ wasn't mixing very well.. after a couple drinks.. tasha left n me n pris headed for Bar.. but that was a disappointment.. ok crowd... we went to Rouge.. oh my god! I wonder how they make their money! it was EMPTY! Zero! Nada! Zilch! was told that Thursdays & weekends are good.. hmmm must check it out i guess.. hahaha.... but this weekend.. so far the plan's to go to Coccolatte.. but that's like 11ish.. so.. to kill time.. may check out the scene at rouge.. but see if kaki wanna go there first then head to coccolatte... or just stay at rouge.. depends on the gang.. and the crowd there.. haha.. tomorro... or rather later today.. i'm gonna watch constantine.. hope i dun fall asleep... i am tired... hmm urgent leave shall i take? to do or not to do that is the question... zzzzzzzzz

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