Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Sat.. Sun.. Mon..Tues

Wah... so fast the weekend flew by... haha... Sat was a BLAST! Got to Rouge at 11pm.. and it was packed with a function.. and these people just stayed on... so it was quite packed... it wasn't all exactly peachy keen.. some stuff happened.. and my group kinda left in batches... sigh.. i shan't go into that long story... end of the day... was good... met a nice guy.. who turned out to be my fren's fren.. we all went for supper.. had a ride home.. and was about 5am bfore i finally fell asleep...
Sunday.. haha.. supposed to work but just couldn't make it... went to see my grandma for a bit.. then met up with Sam in town for late lunch/tea and shopping. Bought another cap.. PINK haha and some belts & tanks... bfore heading back to her place in Sengkang to take doggies out for their long walk.. we walked to Compasspoint for Mos Burger dinner & Starbucks... went back around 9 and while she was packing for her biz trip.. i ended up burning 3 CDs... heheh.. 80s Smooth Grooves, R&B Grooves & Hip Hop Tracks! hehehe.. my own compilation... damn good i tell ya!
Monday... supposed to go to work again.. haha but my throat was just too sore and I just couldn't wake up.. so called in 'sick'... stayed home... veged in front of the tube.. ate my green chilli prawn sambal.. then made shepherd's pie for dinner... went to get groceries.. came back.. made Choc Trifle.. and watched Kung Fu Hustle & Open Water... the first one's damn funny as all Stephen Chow movies are.. the 2nd.. erm.. long & sad ending...
Was about 11plus when Shaun & Priscilla came back... so they had a late supper of my pie.. and we watched Casino... oh yah.. today's Desperate Housewives.. not that fantastic.. next week's seems better... watched more tv till 2plus!! Yah.. i know.. i'm like insomniac.. can't sleep or something... finally drifted off to bed about 4ish.. only to wake up at 9am.. to get ready for work...
now.. have to get back to work... or something like dat... can't wait till the 19th.. officially my LAST DAY!!!!!!

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