Saturday, December 09, 2006

3 Weddings & 2 Funerals

In a span of a month, I've attended 3 weddings and 2 funerals (would have been 3 funerals but I missed one). At today's wedding a good friend of mine from my SSEAYP days got married.. she was so happy.. she cried at the part where she said 'Raymond, I take you.....' I nearly teared.. but then I never cry at weddings... but i nearly did... coz they played the Ave Maria but not the Bach or Beethovan one... it was the As I kneel before you one.. and man... i sang thru it.. but broke down towards the end... too close to home that song.. in fact my Ave Maria is very close to home... I can't sing that anymore... without breaking down.

Call me emotional but heck.. that's who & what I am.... I'm only human... in the meantime... happy times lay ahead for the happy couple..

Mr & Mrs Lim

Church Bells of Immaculate Heart of Mary (1st time i been there!!!)

Shannon with SPYs & JPYs

Raymond & Shannon with us

SGH Complete! Francis, Acchan & Me

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